Food Security Initiative

Food security initiative is aimed at improving food security through the development of integrated value adds throughout the agricultural production and supply chain across the smallholder owned agricultural sections of Kenya.

Classic Foods Limited has entered into an arrangement with EBS to jointly implement this project through EBS the Program implementation agency.  Classic Foods Ltd will benefit from increased supply and will pass back to the farmers a portion of these benefits by means of higher farm gate prices and the facilitation of traders/agents to communicate with the farmers.  EBS forms a focal point for gathering market intelligence, and will provide information and technical support to producers and all parties in the value chain improvement and is responsible for ensuring the following mandates are executed flawlessly:

  • Provision of quality flour and animal feeds to the farmers,
  • Provide subsidised prices for finished products to the farmers in the target regions,
  • Develop and increase range of nutritious products towards food security.
  • Provide adequate storage facility for both milk and grains.
  • Enhance wealth creation for farmers through better prices for the produce.
  • Act as source of un-limited market for milk and grains.
  • Offer varieties of high quality nutritious products towards sustainable food security.

This comprehensive program will be delivered through farming groups organised by cooperatives, collectives, and mutual societies.  

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