Program Goals

 The goals of the program are as follows:

  • To increase production and marketing of more nutritious and long life cereals especially sorghum, millet, beans, soya, wheat and rice.
  • To improve cereals production through training on best practices.
  • Improve the sustainability of smallholder farming through soil conditioning by use of organic fertilizer and crop rotation.
  • To develop a basic entrepreneurship skills manual for the farmers, with a strong orientation toward agribusiness.
  • Sensitize 5,000 farmers (over 5 year period) on marketing and value addition strategies.
  • Provide storage for milk and grains through cooperative development.
  • Reduce the post harvest loses, through training on preservation methods at farm level.
  • Implement trade-off systems where producers are able to exchange milk in exchange for animal feeds and maize in exchange for flour
  • To improve supply of nutritious animal feeds
  • Create employment through the value chain

Source for high quality seeds, fertilizer, and other farm inputs especially provision of organic manure to be sold to the farmers at a discount


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