Program Objectives

 The program provides capacity building and farming techniques training and follow-up monitoring and mentoring through cooperatives to smallholder farmers across the country.

 The focus of the program is to secure permanent change in rural farming practices and thereby to improve rural food security by crop diversification, improved yields (crops and milk), and organic soil management and beneficiation techniques.

The program is based on a training process and regime that empowers both genders, youth and farmers in the region through technical crop management fertilizer and pesticide application, and financial and business management and control of resources and incomes.

 A specific target of specialized training will be the rural (village) schools, which typically grow their own food for feeding pupils, and provide an early life training opportunity to the pupils. The gains in economic efficiency obtained by a more rugged and stable supply and process chain are passed onto the end consumer and the farmer resulting in economic gains at the production side and greater price stability at the consumption side.

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