Occupational health and safety policy

We provide healthy, safe and environmentally friendly working environment in pursuance of the fulfillment of the requirements of CAP 514 of the laws of Kenya. We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees and visitors. Our objectives include, ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation and statutory requirements, offering information, instructions and training necessary to enable safe performance of work. Ensuring that the design of all processes and systems of work taking full account of health and safety and ensuring the provision and maintenance of adequate facilities to take care of safety issues and providing a forum for the employees to raise issues of health and safety.


The policy’s implementation is done through the total commitment from all levels of employees. Specialist advice is sought from external health and safety advisors on issues regarding to first aid, emergency procedures and fire fighting, health surveillance and relevant information, Our policy is monitored to ensure that the objectives are achieved, reviewed and revised in the light of legislative and organizational changes.

Environmental policy

Our environment management is guided by our national legislation We continue to uphold the principles of environmental management to all our staff and suppliers and encourage their involvement in the protection and conservation of our natural resources, the reduction of emission to soil, water and air, appropriate disposal of solid and liquid waste and the adoption of environmentally friendly technology. Our management representative, the operations manager and our environmental co-coordinator are charged with the responsibility of daily environmental work among other duties and shall ensure corporate objectives and targets set for the significant environmental aspect are achieved and reviewed from time to time to ensure continuous improvement.


Our employees are all trained to deliver excellent service, we give them the flexibility to respond creatively to client requests. In addition, we continuously monitor our clients’ level of satisfaction with our service through surveys and other convenient feedback opportunities. Given the nature of our business, Environment Health and Safety awareness and training is integrated as part of the key performance indicators.